Consumers need options to manage healthcare costs

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By Tyler Eppley and Bruce Weintraub

The cost of healthcare deductibles is increasing for all Americans, making it more difficult for individuals and families to pay for unexpected hospital expenses.

Add to the equation the rising overall cost of healthcare and a more challenging environment to obtain credit, and the result is even worse.

Want proof behind the numbers?  The average deductible for workers with PPOs has increased from $473 in 2006 to $675 in 2010 for single coverage and, from $1,034 to $1,518 in 2010 for aggregate family deductibles, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation Employer Health Benefits Survey 2010.

Moreover, the same survey finds that from 2006 to 2010, the percentage of covered workers with a deductible of $1,000 or more for single coverage has almost tripled from 10% to 27%.

Finally, the most recent statistics compiled by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality concludes that when factoring in the added burden of higher premiums, out-of-pocket costs rose even more sharply with a 30 percent increase to more than $3,744.

In summary, consumers are bearing the brunt of escalating healthcare costs and they need options to manage those costs into their monthly budget.

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About the Authors:

Bruce Weintraub is Vice President of Marketing and Tyler Eppley is Regional Sales Manager, Western Region.  ClearBalance is the premier provider of patient loan programs.  Since 1992, ClearBalance has funded more than $500 million in patient loans enabling hundreds of thousands of patients to affordably pay off their healthcare obligations.


About ClearBalance

ClearBalance by CSI Financial Services has become one of the healthcare industry’s fastest growing companies by supporting hospitals nationwide in their overall mission: caring for the physical and financial well-being of the members of their community.
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